Our new film and video productions include documentaries of silent film stars Theda Bara, Pearl White, and Gloria Swanson and newly restored releases of the films of Mary Pickford. In addition we have children's programs in the works and two exciting new talents at Timeline who bring with them a world of experience and expertise.

Theda Bara - Silent Film Vamp - Premieres at The Museum of Modern Art

Wearing only a metal snake bra between her waistline and her exotic kohl-lined eyes, Hollywood’s first and foremost vamp Theda Bara dazzles audiences in our new documentary, The Woman with the Hungry Eyes.

Timeline’s documentary on the life and times of Theda Bara had a successful East Coast premiere at The Museum of Modern Art in New York on May 20 & 22, 2006. The film features Dana Delany as the voice of Theda Bara and includes clips from Theda’s breakthrough film, A Fool There Was, as well as the only known remaining footage of her lost film, Cleopatra.

After the show, director Hugh Munro Neely and producer Andi Hicks fielded questions from the many who stayed. Not wanting to leave audiences hungry, we distributed Photoplay’s 1916 recipe for the Theda Bara Sandwich, “the sandwich that bites a little and says, ‘More.’”

The Woman with the Hungry Eyes has been sought out by several film festivals on the East and West coasts and will have its European premiere this fall at Le Giornate del Cinema Muto, the internationally known silent film festival in Pordenone and Sacile, Italy. Look for the DVD release in January 2007.

Mary Pickford Films Lovingly Restored and Tinted for DVD

The genius and extraordinary beauty of Mary Pickford can be seen once more with our newly restored and tinted DVD releases of four of her feature films, each with its own new orchestral score.

As the managers of the film and photo collections of the Mary Pickford Institute for Film Education, we're very excited about four newly produced DVD versions of Mary Pickford feature films. The Heart o’ the Hills (1919), Through the Back Door (1919), Suds (1920), and Little Lord Fauntleroy (1921) are now available for home viewing.

Heart o’ the Hills (1919) is presented with a chamber score tinged with echoes of Appalachian fiddle tunes and composed by Maria Newman, daughter of the famous film composer Alfred Newman. Extras include the complete feature M’liss (1918), as well as a gallery of stills.

For Back Door, renowned silent film specialist Robert Israel created a beautiful orchestral score composed and compiled from authentic period selections.

Bonus Documentary on Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks

Suds features a new score by the Mont Alto Orchestra compiled from authentic music of the period, a charming counterpoint to this sentimental light comedy. Among the bonus features is The Birth of a Legend (1966), a 26-minute documentary on Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks.

Fauntleroy features a spectacular new original symphonic score by Nigel Holton, performed by the Bohuslav Martinu Philharmonic orchestra.

The DVDs can be ordered from Milestone Film and Video at www.milestonefilms.com, and from reputable retailers.

New Faces at Timeline Bring Depth and Breadth of Experience

The Timeline team welcomes two new members, Francie Neely and Neill Hicks, spouses of Hugh and Andi, respectively.

Francie Neely recently retired from a 30-year teaching career in psychology at Pepperdine University’s Graduate School of Education and Psychology. She now works with her husband, Hugh, having observed for many years that his job is a lot more fun!

Francie brings to Timeline Films several projects that for years she has wanted to produce, including
Discovering the “Real McCoy”: Black Inventors in America, and Swimming for Love: a Personal History of the Mermaid. She is also writing a biography of Mary Pickford for children and working with Hugh on the children’s film series for the Mary Pickford Institute.

Neill Hicks is a produced screenwriter and author of three books including
Screenwriting 101: The Essential Craft of Feature Film Writing. He brings to Timeline his expertise as a Genre Profiler, in which he investigates beneath the surface level what and how of scripts to provide screenwriters, directors and producers with a why based writing strategy that creates audience confidence.

Neill’s work as a writer, director, educator and lecturer is internationally known and we welcome his expertise to the company. He and wife Andi are researching additional topics for documentary films, to be announced. Stay tuned!

Digital-age Kids Learn Nuts and Bolts of Film History

How do you get children interested in film history? That’s our challenge. Using three of Mary Pickford’s films we’re helping kids make the
transition from sound and color to silent black and white.

We also have the great pleasure of introducing kids to Mary Pickford, once the most famous woman in the world, known and loved for her many roles as a loyal, spunky, and inventive child with a great sense of humor and a heart of gold.

Keith Lawrence, President of the Mary Pickford Institute, came up with the marvelous idea to add introductory sequences (“wraparounds”) to three of Pickford’s films - The Poor Little Rich Girl (1917), The Hoodlum (1919) and Sparrows (1926). In our introductions, we’ll use present-day kids to create an entertaining context in which to appreciate these historically important films.

When released on DVD, viewers will be able to choose to watch the films with added sequences or view them as originally released.
Each film will also have a new orchestral score on a newly restored high definition print that has been tinted according to its original color scheme.

Hugh is coordinating the film and the musical end of things and will conduct the new scores. He’ll also direct the wraparounds. Francie is writing the scripts. Look for these exciting projects to be completed some time in 2007 - 2008.

Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice? Not These Ladies

We Love Our Two New Documentary Stars!

We’re very excited about prospective documentaries on Pearl White, Queen of the Serial, and Gloria Swanson, Queen of, well, Hollywood lovers. Both were fun and fabulous, with delicious stories to tell!

Pearl White, Hollywood’s first female action heroine, kicks, jumps, and runs rings around today’s action stars. Too young to have seen the Perils of Pauline? Don’t worry, you’ll get plenty of this charismatic and kooky Queen of the Serials as we unravel the tall tales of an
indefatigable daredevil who cows villains and wins our hearts.

Look for Pearl next year; she’ll be hiding behind rocks, jumping, climbing, running, saving lives, and throughout it all, having great fun. Who needs Lara Croft? We’ve got Pearl!

Gloria Swanson was the epitome of glamour, a high-flying clotheshorse who personified the word Star. Sleek, sophisticated, flamboyant, fun, and absolutely fabulous, she was a self-contained dynamo who lived and loved by her own rules. How many husbands did she have? How many lovers?

Wise child, understanding wife, diva or comedienne, her real love affairs were with Hollywood and with life. Our documentary delivers the spice, including her famous comeback in Billy Wilder’s Sunset Boulevard. Look forward to our exploration of this fascinating woman and consummate actress who left her indelible mark on film history.

Ever Eclectic, Andi Brings Dance to Timeline

Producer Andi Hicks is working on several projects that involve dance, including one on celebrity dancer Jack Cole, the father of theatrical jazz dance.

Andi is also researching a documentary on Baby Peggy (Diana Serra Cary), one of the first child stars of the Silents.

Slovakia Today is a Hicks documentary about the newly independent nation that is only thirteen years old yet retains its unspoiled and
beautiful old-world charm.

Our Courageous Female Aviators are Grounded

Interest in the Russian women aviators who flew combat against Hitler during WWII is insufficient to make progress on Night Witches, which is currently on hold.

Night Witches is the true story of the young Soviet women pilots, navigators, bombers and mechanics who defended Mother Russia against Hitler’s invading troops during WWII.

This project needs funding. We have 20 filmed interviews with women veterans of the Great Patriotic War, as it is called in Russia, and their stories are amazing and inspirational. Interested in helping us tell their stories? Please, let us know!


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